What if you could create experiences that move people?


If you want to improve your customer experience, and serve a fundamental human need to connect and inspire, you’re half way there. Do you want to learn how to create experiences and design services? You will learn just that if you join one of our workshops or book a training to meet your specific needs.

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Do you want to create another product, service or rather an experience?

Experiences are the new black.


Want to know what your customers think?


Every great experience has been designed by someone. What’s your favourite service experience? It’s not a coincidence why Apple, Airbnb and Uber are so popular. Happy customers make a successful company. At Helsinki Design Company we see service design as a business development tool.

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When you’re not sure what would be the best way for you to continue or which direction to go, it’s best to call a business designer and have a good analytical sparring session. Contact us and tell about your challenges, so we’ll see if your problem is our daydream.


CustomerInsight &Stories

If your mission is to create wonderful and smooth customer experiences, you need to understand your customers better and better. We do extensive and very warm interviews with people and collect all the required insight that is relevant to your business, and more. Usually people open up and tell us the most delicious stuff last. NEW! We also do video interviews/stories!

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